March 18, 2016


1.     Does the cutlery turn soggy when used in foods that are extremely cold or extremely hot? No, it does not, but it will, if you leave it in such liquids for more than 10 minutes. 2.     What is the shelf life of this cutlery? / Once the package is opened how long does the cutlery stay without softening? The shelf life is 18 months for best crispy taste, but if it is not opened from shrink wrap it can last even 24 months. It can lose crispiness if packet is opened and spoons left in open. They can still be edible.Since this is made with flours it can be contaminated by frequent touching and in open atmosphere.Do not refrigerate. 3.     Can it cut into meat & other hard food substances? Yes it can, provided you make sure you don’t push it very hard like you do with stainless steel spoons. After all these are made of flours!If it breaks it will be at handle so it still can be used. 4.     Can the cutlery be used more than once for dry foods? As long as the spoon is not put in the mouth, it can be used any number of times for dry foods,It should preferably be used only once. It can aslo be sued as regular spoon in dry items like- salt, spices powders, dry chutney powders, tea, coffee, sugar , malt powders but not in oil based Indian pickles.It absorbs moisture and keeps all such powders dry. No not eat them if kept in any such ingredients. 5.     Are there any coatings on the cutlery for finishing purpose? No, nothing is used for coating as it can only attract germs and greasiness when touched by your fingers. They are dry. 6.     Where can the edible cutlery be purchased?Can it be ordered online? If yes, once the order is placed within how many days will I receive the product? We are in the process of identifying distributors across the world, till that time bulk purchases (1000 packs and multiples) can be ordered directly from us. Our sales terms are at ex-factory prices. Transportation arrangements have to be made by the customer. Our ex-factory delivery period will be within 15 days (the actual delivery to the customer depends on distance, transport service provider and time for clearances and statutory formalities at the point of destination. Write to us for quantities ranging from 100 spoons to 5000 spoons and we will coordinate to courier them. The delivery depends upon your location, logistics and costs that you will have to pay for transport including taxes. 7.     Shouldn't people be encouraged to reuse / or use metal cutlery, rather than replace one disposable product for another? We neither discourage reuse or use of metal cutlery nor are we trying to compete against them. Our products are meant to be replacement for plastic disposable cutlery & bamboo disposable chopsticks / Cutlery. 8.     How long does it take for the cutlery to decompose? It will naturally decompose anywhere between 3 to7 days if insects, dogs, birds do not eat it. If you pour water on it and leave it in soil/ pots it decomposes faster. You can even put them in your compost pits safely. 9.     In what packs are they available? The packs are of 25 spoons and the packets contain either 50 or 100 spoons together. (Show picture here of both). We also pack single spoon in a plastic pouch only for special purpose use customer base and charge extra for such packaging. 10.     Will using vegetables to give color to the cutlery change its taste as well? Yes, it will acquire the taste of the ingredients added both for colour and flavor and would suit eating savory or rice based food. Bland taste suits best for sweet items, ice creams and cakes. We can add essence of vanilla, strawberry, cardamom, rose if customers ask for it and not otherwise. 11.     Are they available in different flavors also? Yes, they can be made with pulp mix of carrot, beetroot, spinach and other spices. These are value added items and will cost higher. Presently we are offering- 1. Plain (with sorghum (Jowar)+rice+wheat). 2. Sweet (with little sugar). 3. Savoury (with cumin seeds, rock salt, carrom seeds (Ajwain) and black pepper. If one needs a particular combination ex- only cumin + rock salt it can be ordered thus. 12.     They look like wood and I am uncomfortable putting it in my mouth? It is a baked product hence it will be in shades of brown. They are hard and crunchy as we do not add any fat, oil, butter, so you will not get any smell from our cutlery unless we add some essence. 13.     Any side effects on health from consuming these regularly? NO, they will not cause any ill effects if you use them regularly. On the contrary, the micronutritional intake will improve. However, if you keep them in open under humid conditions, they will get soft and there will be microbial contamination. Hence, these should be stored in dry air tight containers. 14.     Are they good for diabetics and BP patients? Sure, we do not add much of any ingredients to cause any damage to Health. In fact they are approved to be consumed by hospitalized patients with BP, diabetes. Sorghum (Jowar) is highly nutritious and filling millet and is idea for pregnant women, teething children, growing up children, women with low hemoglobin and anybody with osteoporosis, arthritis. 15.     Are the spoons gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, GMO free, fair trade? 1. They are not gluten free as we do add some wheat flour but we can customize for specific clients who need it gluten free by adding corn or barley in place of wheat. 2. Yes it is vegan as we add no fat. 3. It is 100% vegetarian. 4. We cannot promise it as GMO free as the rice and wheat used by us may not be free from GMO/ fertilizers/ pesticides used by farmers but Sorghum is free of all chemicals, GMO and pesticides and sorghum dominates the ingredient mix.We aim to make it totally organic even if it may cost a little more for customers. 5. It is close to fair trade as we do not employ child labour and employ 90% underprivileged women as work force and pay them as per minimum wage.We do aim for total Fair trade as we progress. 16.     Why are they so hard on teeth to bite? These are spoons/ cutlery that one has to use as cutlery and thus must serve its basic purpose. If they break while using it will not be cutlery but biscuits. 17.     Can it be sued as teeters for babies? Yes it is ideal for babies who keep chewing anything that they reach out to. Instead a spoon will give them sufficient saliva, nutrition and protect them from plastic chewy habits. Since this spoon stem is hard it can be held firmly and chewed for a long time by babies. It slowly becomes softer as they chew and lick it.
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Eat Your Spoon

Every year, 350 billion pieces of disposable plastic cutlery and wooden chopsticks are discarded in the United States, Japan and India. Research scientist Narayana Peesapaty has come up with a solution: edible cutlery and chopsticks. These products are made of millet, rice and wheat, contain no preservatives, and have a shelf life of 3 years. They will also decompose in 3 to 7 days (unless they are eaten). The use of this cutlery is not only healthier (plastics leach toxins), but promotes environmental, economic and social justice. Find out how. - See more at:

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